The Fifth C of Confidence

Smart-i15 Smart-i15 Smart-i15

Diamond security is essential aspect, while dealing with the diamonds. As diamonds are the most precious stones, no one want them to be swapped, switched or stolen and exchanged with fake one.

Smart-i15 is a diamond identification and security system to protect your diamond from getting it swap away. It allows your diamond to do online registration and you can access your data from any where in the world.It works on the fundamentals of optical senses of polished diamond and it stores the data for verifications and identification. Based of the optical characteristics, it gives the fingerprints type which ensures that no one can swap your diamond purposely or by accident.


User Manageable Architecture

Comprehensive Database Connectivity

Compatible with your existing ERP/Control software

Register the diamond at one location and access the database from any of your sales office any where in the world.

Smart-i15 gives fast and sophisticated image processing algorithm within the time lapse of 20 sec.

Never-the less conventional method is used, Identity generated by Smart-i15 can not be erased or modified by any means or method. It can not be changed by any one.

Technology deployed by Smart-i15 is Unique and non-invasive. No Alteration or marking is required on the diamond to preserve it own beauty and its flawless.